Polyester Woven Lashing

Product Descripation

Polyester Woven Lashing (Pwl) Is Used To Secure Cargo. These Are offered In Form Of Webbing From Very High Tenacity Polyester Yarn, They Replace Conventional Load Restraint Products Like Steel Strapping, Wire Ropes, Chains, Ratchet Straps Etc.. & Also Reduces The Use Of Dunnage Woods. The Webbing Structure Of Woven Lashing Makes It Easy To Use & Hence Enhances The Performance Of Users.
We offer a wide range of polyester woven lashing, buckles and strapping tools for lashing container, flat rack, truck, ship, car etc..Our lashing solutions are recognized all over india for their reliability and resistance to stress of all modes of transport. Our lashing webbings are having high tensile strength, UV and weather unalterable. With Our new printing technology, we offer the option to print lashing straps with logo and your company name according to your choice.


  • As Strong As Steel
  • Lighter In Weight
  • Absorbs Shock
  • No Corrosion
  • High Cross Directional Strength
  • Retensionable
  • Resistant To All Weather Condition
  • Does Not Damage The Finished Surface Of Goods

Available Sizes Linear Strength Item Code
13mm 375kgs RCWL13
16mm 450kgs RCWL16
19mm 500kgs RCWL19
25mm 1000kgs RCWL25
25mm 1500kgs RCWL25
32mm 1500kgs RCWL32
32mm 2000kgs RCWL32
32mm 2500kgs RCWL32
32mm 3000kgs RCWL32P
40mm 2500kgs RCWL32
40mm 4000kgs RCWL40
40mm 5000kgs RCWL40
50mm 3500kgs RCWL50
50mm 5000kgs RCWL50